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I have enjoyed my career flying both United States Navy military aircraft and commercial airliners for the past 21 years. It is truly a magical experience to do a job that I love. My career has allowed me to experience things and see places like no other career could afford.

I started from very humble beginnings as a student growing up in the state of Maine. An academic scholarship with the Navy allowed me to move to San Diego to study for almost two years and shortly after, onto continuing education in Virginia. Educational advancement and the desire to fly drove me to participate in some of the best educational programs in the country and landed me with a slot in Naval Aviation as a pilot.

My rewarding Naval career involved flying overseas and domestically in multiple aircraft. My military flying has taken me from flying patrols overseas in multi-engine airplanes, to flying jets all over the country. Landing on aircraft carriers and teaching future fighter, attack, and aircraft carrier pilots has truly been a blast!  Having the opportunity to then move onto a civilian flying career while maintaining military flight status has truly been a dream come true. As you will see by the photos displayed on this site, I have been able to experience nearly all types of flying in both the military and civilian worlds.

My first love is high-performance jet aircraft. My current ratings allow me to fly vintage and current, military jets and also the absolute latest technology in long-range passenger airliners. I have also discovered a new love in photography and I hope you will enjoy my passion for that as well. I continue to learn and develop as a pilot and as a photographer and I appreciate you being along for the ride!

I welcome you to invite me to speak at your school, business, or youth organization. I also invite you to purchase any of the photos on this site or on my troybflying instagram.



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Troy B.